Lucifer - the divine level
The bright fire of perception
From the gaping vortex of darkness
Descend upon man...

Lord of ascending flames
Illuminate the hidden trail unto thee
Burn the obstacles with the sacred fire
Receive the servants of your blood

Lucifer - let thy black lantern shine
So we can see the truth beyond
O true Lord of Thaumiel
Let us burn with serpent fire

Let free the emanations of the black sun
The curtain of cosmos tears apart
Rebellious flames rising
And God's creation failed

Grand master of the magnum opus
Open the gate of your sacred eye
That we'd become wise in thee
The golden instruments of your words

With the power of the trident
Towards the pyrifying star
Shine to me O bright Wormwood
Open the pathways beyond
The seal of our true father
Forever marked upon our souls

Lucifer Daath...Illuminatio mea!
Lucifer Daath...Benedicimus te!