Texty písní Bestial Warlust

Bestial Warlust

Barbaric Horde

Battle on The Rise

Rivals Doom Awaits

The Stormbringers Moon

Warclouds And Thunder Awake!

We Come At Night

Barbaric Horde

Evil Vicious Plight

Charge Forth

Fiery Torches Ablaze

Follow The Setting Sun

Heralds of A Dawn To Come

The Land Yet To Be Won

Steel Clashes Steel

First Blood Drawn

Mortals Crushed Underhoof

Swordarm Judges Might

Unchained Attack Behold

Overthrow Shall Unfold

All Fighting For One

And One Fighting For All

Darkened Skies Above

They Beckon In The Wind

Ash scatters In Stars

The Flames Grow Higher

We're Here To Reap

Holy Waters Poison

Lords of Battle

Forge Forth Now

Many Have Fought And Sought

Raging Through Wars Blood

We Rouges The Victors

Kings Head Carried Home

Dark Ages Repisal

Mercenaries of Wills Pride

Conquer Through Hills of Death

Hells Fuckin' Militia

Rain Thrashes The Earth

Smoke Fills The Air

The War Is Over

We Won Again