Texty písní Bestial Warlust

Bestial Warlust

Death Rides Out

Tonight Is The Night

The Night of Ghoul

I'm Ready To Fight

This Land I Rule

Avenging, Killing, Destroying, Charging

I Am The Warrior

I Hold The Law

I Am The Redeemer

Manic Fuckin' Hate

When I Look Into Your Eyes I See Death!

When I Taste Your Blood I Want More!

When My Fists Drip Red You'll See Me In Another World!

When I Take Your Last Breath I'll Laugh With Death!

[Repeat pre-Chorus]

Death Rides With Me Tonight

Enflamed With Fury

Victim In My Sight

I'll Fuck Him With My Knife

[Repeat pre-chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]