Texty písní Bestial Warlust

Bestial Warlust

I The Warrior

My World, I Don't Give A Fuck What You Think

I'm Livin' For Today

I'm A Warrior I'll Do Each And Everything

My Own Fucking Way!

Unrelenting, I'll Force my Sword

Through Your Shrines of White

Spirit of Hate, The Devil In Disguise

I The Demon of The Night!

I'll Climb The Highest of Mountains

And Journey Beyond The Sun

I'll Cast My Will Content

I The Mighty One

Set Foot On Virginal Land

Grasping All By My Own Hand

Oh, Mighty One Is Thy

The Primal Soul And Elite

Empowered Beyond The Worthless Flock

No Mortal Shall Defeat

Embodied By All That Is Sacred

of Will And Lifely Treasures

It Will Be Thine Now

And In The End To Reap All Lifes Pleasures