Texty písní Bestial Warlust

Bestial Warlust

Legion Of Wrath

Blood For Blood, Kill For Kill

Wrath The Way of Force

Path Of Destiny, Fearless Guest

Power Reigns Forevermore

Wrath Is Fire, Damnation Pride

Flames Enlight The Eyes

Invoke Fury, Burning Storm

Blackened Skies Now Roar

Power of Death, Strength From Hell

Destructions First Spell

Rebel Force, Mark To Kill

Defenders of The Will

Clashing Steel, Raging War

The Battle Is The Law

Blend of Might, Sinful Greed

All Lifes Blood Will Bleed

Fighting We'll, Kill With Ease

We Crush And Defeat

Pride of War, Flag Raised High

Storming Armies Never Die

Riding Torment, Bringing Pain

Annihilate We Command

Breeding Hate, Cast Iron Will

We Are Living For The Kill

All The Weak, Shall Fall

Legions of Wrath Will Rise