I can't feel my heart beat
I get so cold, I can't breath

I'm on my knees,
And I'm prayin' four my enemies,
I know they remember me
But they won't ever let me be,

And I'm tired of running from it,
If I did it, shit I'd admit it,
Like yeah, fuck it I done it,
What of it?

That's the reason
I got this troublesome tatted on my stomach
I'm advertising to the public
And everybody love it

I just wanted
To show the world I could cut it,
Separate big brovaz
From the other rubbish,
I hope this does it cousin?

Just come here
Kick it with me a minute
Let me spit you a lyric
I'm from the ghetto so I know how to live it

There's allota other crews
But we the illest admit it,
And any thing they gone do
We already been there and done did it.

Won't stop till
Both wrist glitted up,
My cars kitted up,
My fam' living it up.

I know you'll feeling
The flows I bring
Then the ladie's come and help me sing
Do your thing uh huh

All you see are roses
But inside were dying,
Crying, under pressure

Never mind the way we are
Cause we won't change,
We'll keep it hot
So you remember our name

Nobody can rock this
The way that we can
It a big bro thing!!

Won't do what were told
Cause we don't see why we should
Got too much fight in us
For our own good.

Love us or hate us,
We gone do what we can.
It's a big bro thing.

For all the time?s
You bought me down,
You made me stronger now,
You opened up my eyes,

Now I'm ready for you
(bring it)
Now I'm ready for you

Think you know me
But you wrong, (but you wrong)
What the fuck I'll take you on
Torch the bridges watch them burn

Cause I'm ready for you
(bring it)
Cause I'm ready for you.

All you see are roses
But inside were dying,
Crying, under pressure

You use us
Abuse us
In the name of dreams
Confuse us,

Were losing,
Were losing
Still we fight
We have to fight,

Its hunger
Its hunger,
We can't take shit
No longer

Looks like it right
Under the hype
(aah) can you feel me now?