Hey, you know,
I'm findin it very hard to understand
The lifestyle of young ladies today

Yo, they're hard to figure out, gee
They need a sincere leader
You know, I've heard it said
You gotta use what you got to get what you want
But I think they're usin a little bit too much when they flaunt
You know
you know, ehm
I don't understand the way these girls is rolling today, man
How about you, man?

Yo, let me tell you somethin, gee
If they ain't lying they tryin to do some other - wildness

I know, I know
It's like girls promisin you Thomas's
And can't even cook toast, right?
What I'm tryin to tell you, man, is...
They just ain't no damn good
No damn good
Check it out

Now there's this girl named Monique
The type of female that you consider a freak
A big-time player playin like a drum beat
You think her address is 21 Hump Street
She step out every night to swing
With her Lee press-on's and a nefertiti ring
Bamboo earrings all big and lookin silly
With extensions hangin down like Milli Vanilli
And every Wednesday night at the Apollo
First kid she saw with jewerly she'd follow
And Monique would be ready to sleep
With the first kid in a Benz or a Cherokee Jeep
Strung out and givin up the nappy dug out
You're on the critical list, about to pull the plug out
So here, nympho, here's some good info
Stop takin em putts and close your legs, toots
Cause I remember you was one of a kind and a fine - hm
I once was infatuated by the things that you do
But now you're doodoo
It's all about respectin yourself
In order to gain respect from anyone else
Treat yourself like a real woman should
Cause bitch, you ain't no damn good

That's right, there's a lotta young ladies out here
That just ain't no damn good
{Female voice:}
But hold up minute
There's a lotta guys out there that ain't no damn good either

Oh yeah?

Yeah, cause I had to tell one the other night
That his thing had too many 'nots' in it

What you mean by too many 'nots'?

Not big enough, not hard enough, and not long enough

Yeah, aight
But check this here out