So Long Baby

I'm worried in mind, stay worried all the time

Someday I'll be satisfied

It's your time now but it's my time after a while

Oh, say if things don't get no better

I'm gonna move on down the line

'Cause when you was my baby

I treated you nice and kind

But, baby, I have changed my mind

I was crazy 'bout you, baby

Crazy as a man could be

So now when I leave ya now, baby

Don't try and follow me

You gonna wake up one-a these mornin's

And it won't be long and look for me

And I will be gone so bye, bye, baby, babe

You know you've done me wrong

So try your best to forget

That I ever held you in my arms

Yes, yes, yes, you gonna worry 'bout me

One a-these old lonesome days

And your daddy be far away

So long people's and sweetheart

I'll soon be on my way

You're goin' to be sorry that you let me go 'round still