Some Sweet Day

Some Sweet Day 2:48 Trk 13

(S. Martin, R. M. Jones)

Big Maceo

Big Maceo - vocals & piano

W/Tampa Red - guitar, Clifford Jones - drums

Recorded: Tues. July 28, 1942

Chicago, ILL. RCA Studio C

Album: Bluebird Recordings Big Maceo 1941-1942

RCA #66715-2

While the blues is on me, now

I'll feel better

When I leave your town

But some sweet day

You gonna be sorry

That you throw'd me down

I got my suitcase

Already packed

And my trunk

Is on the road

Don't worry, baby

You won't see my smilin' face, no mo'

You so mean

An you're so evil

You got me running

Running, from do' to do'

But some sweet day

You gonna be sorry

Babe, that you let me go

'Now, get it together, boy'

(piano, guitar, drums)

'Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah'

I'm blue an I'm disgusted

An I don't know just what to do

But some sweet day

Your luck will change

Baby, you will be blue, too

(piano, guitar, drums to end)