Take the edge off of the dark days
Blunt doubts cruel knife blade
Steal the sting out of the grave
At that last shovelful of earth
I swear i've never heard a louder curse
Than before they put those digging those away

Let me go down easy...when the box gets shut
Let me go down easy...into god knows what

Well, you know i read the book and i heard the angels
Heard a few sermons on the road from "a" to "b."
You vanished into thin air swept out of this room
All the good ones leave the party way too soon

Now, i won't need the drink and i won't miss the pills
But, if i could take your locket picture with me? Now,
there's a cure for what ills
So i'm heading for the neon with this girl who caught my
And her smile means more at midnight though i could not
tell you why