There's this simple space that lies between
The thing you said and the thing you really mean
And i'm was hoping Maybe god would
Show his face

But i don't know what he'd look like
Or would i recognize her
There's so much we'd have to talk about
Ah, but would i find the words?

It was summer for a spell till the whole thing went to
And really, why should anybody be surprised?
It's always autumn in my heart but i could not tell you

That book was heavy from the start
It was more than a i could hold
And me? Well, my eyes caught your heart
And a glimpse into your soul

Oh, to find the brush to render
What our tongues can barely speak
Oh, to find some room to talk in
Where our eyes can truly meet

A 6 string drag through an old tweed amp
Healing spirits and breaking camp
And the high desert kiss, of my girl

And God's face is peaking 'round the door
In that high & lonesome tremolo