Up In Flames

Everybody's got that thing

That kinda makes them insane

Everyone has gone half crazy

Might as well hang with you

You're out of your mind but your hands are smooth

And everybody's lost the point

Quite a long time ago

Only thing left that can't be bought or sold

Is what's burnin' down below

And I'm burning

So let's stop thinking, baby

Let's forget our names

Let's go up in flames

I know there are thousand ways

That we don't agree

But all that seems to matter right now

Is where you're touching me

And I feel it unleash me

And there's no reason, baby

To explain

When we're up in flames

Feel me hold you like a dream

Reeling, right up on the edge of it

So let's start prayin', baby

In our way

Up in flames

Cause it's our freedom, baby

It's our escape

When we're up in flames