He took his final breath
I hear it to this day
There's no redemption
And the punishment is delayed
The only reaction that I face
Is hidden well behind my face
A trace surely can
Lead the law right to their man
Well, hurry up

I did not betray no shock
I heard the door behind me lock
And I was now held hostage to
A hostile scene and I wasn't sure what to do
But I knew I had to get away
The light despondent falls upon it's prey
I put a foreign object in his neck
And I thought that by now I would be a suspect

I fear this and it feeds on me
My self-defense catastrophe
It sees my kids grow
It tells me they will have to one day know...

I used to blame the girl
That led me there
Until I made her my wife
And the house that we have built
Is white with crimson insides
My God, my mouth is dry

Suicidal, I ain't suicidal
I won't drink my way to no asylum
And it can't be ignored
Like the bobble-head on my dashboard

Quietly nodding at me

Quietly nodding at me