No declaration but you my love
I find the new done with you my love

And you can take it all in your stride
But I'm winner of the high rise

I found a bookmark in your mind my love
Chapped at the chapter where you hide my love

Handsome as handsome does she'll be alright
Bruising as bruising ain't under blue light

I've been waiting for you
Waiting for you to go

Looks like you came through
On your word my love
You told me that I'd run if I knew you inside
And you're right my love

And you could say that I
Let you down, left when you needed me most
But we're both diggers of our own heel

Maybe you made more profit on my love
Maybe you left with the winter coat
I had grown my love

Shifting the blame, the chips of the game on
Time for the finders, the keepers of