I never trust in faith
I never learned the rules
I just go on my way
And I want you
I just call your name at night
And I need you
To understand this time

Sometimes I run
Away without you
Sometimes I run
With you I dare
Sometimes I run
It's true, to be with you
I love the way you care

I'd risk my love again
I've given everything
We can be more than friends
Just let me in
All I am, I just continue
Try to reach you
You don't hear my voice

And I can see that broken dreams
Are slowly on their way
While you decide to close your eyes
And just be on your way

I hear your voice, my name
I hold my breath for you
If you would only say
"I love you too"
And I ask, how can I love you?
Do I need you?
This time I'm on my own