Incoming wounded
Mortars flying, flames are flashing
Bullets ripping by, I don't want to die
Incoming wounded
Lying in this field for two days bleeding
Incoming wounded
Maggots crawling, my flesh their feeding
Incoming wounded
Someone take me away
Incoming wounded
Just to die another day
Medevac come take us out
So many wounded don't know what nam's about
Got to get somewhere to kill this pain
57000 died in fuckin' vein
Incoming wounded
War machine just keeps turning
Incoming wounded
Men are dying on this killing floor
Incoming wounded
Take us out, stop the bleeding
Incoming wounded
Bring us back to feed the war
Never again will the sound of war
Prepare my mind to kill
I gave my life to pigs of war
To kill or just be killed
Bring us to the front line
And watch from war away
Evacuate the ones who bleed
And ship more up today
Nam screaming in my head
Never forget the M.I.A.