Tearing flesh searing wounds of despair open for a lifetime a scarred
existence never truly finding a peace a lost world breeding predators who
hunt out of insecurity the pain of countless souls goes unanswered our
response is void where were we then? we should stop this cycle but we
nurture its growth tears flow and flow our reactions fall incredibly short
from the needed action at some point we will have gone too far we do not own
one another we must begin to nurture respect at some point we must accept
responsibility I did not forget you in your pain I still love you I was
there when you cried for help I did not close my eyes love at the cost of
hate is what we have paid the fear of desolation bringing the chance for new
life we should weep for you but where are the tears? we should punish the
iniquity forced upon you but we close our eyes and our hearts we are
responsible for your blood we are responsible for your tears we are
responsible for your pain we must accept it we must accept this generation
will pay for the blood that has been shed judgment.