Clench My Fist

Every single day I live in fuckin' pain

The voices in my head are driving me insane

I can't fight the feeling of being dissatisfied

Things never go right no matter what I try

20 years of shit my will is all but gone

My hands are bound, life's dragging me along

Enough is enough I just might snap

Razor to my wrist no looking back

I clench my fist and slit my wrist

As your hear the sound my body hits the ground

Constant frustration no motivation, life just hands me devastation

Sitting at home tearing hairs from my head

Killing time wishing I was dead

The pain never stops I've lived with it for years

I'm washed in doubts and consumed in my fears

There's tears in my eyes you heard what I said

I'm choking on your words with a gun to my head

Just walk away just turn your head

You'll see soon enough my blood runs red

When you time's up I'll see you here

You'll pay for eternity because you never fuckin' cared