Fear The Reaper

Alone I rule the night a messenger from hell,

No light can save you from the shadows where I dwell

Benefactor of mortality, your souls final keeper on a throne of death,

I reign humanity's reaper

Don't fight, you cannot run your life

I crave your blood, I savor your life

It's over, you cannot hide

To dine this night on mortal flesh

A delicate human flavor

Under my cloak are the voices of all I've killed

Can you hear them calling?

Let their bloodlust be fulfilled when you die

There is no serenity

There is no release

Just a chorus of violent demons

Tearing you apart piece by piece

Don; t fight you cannot run

I'll eat you limb from limb

Let this blood feast begin

Your life is over you cannot hide

Punishment rape pain endless suffering

I control the rise of an army of dead

The entire earth shall slowly be bled

I am not a man, not a god, not in between

I am an indestructible entity that treads through reality and dreams