Stuck inside all night and day
Glued to the tube, you can't turn away
Pushing those buttons always do your tricks
Couch slouch knucklehead it's how you get your kicks
Man look at you it's all you can do
Days you can't skate you join the nintendo crew
Or play tony hawk and get a high score
Life without video games has become such a bore
Pushbutton warfare is driving me insane
I'm going to war with my video games
If you don't see me again, you'll know why
I'll be playing these things until I die
Gotta play all day or I'll surely die
Sore thumbs sweaty palms and a nervous twitch in my eye
No hope for the future, this tradition wrecked it
I dunno for sure man I think I'm epileptic
Fake sick again stay home from school
Six hours straight this fuckin' rules
Gotta save the princess, beat the boss
My homeworks filled with secret codes my brain is tossed
Mario link metriod and the kong 8-bit frenzy on my mind all day long
Mega man mappy land battle toads and contra too
I'll play forever nintendo power by my side
Bonus levels passwords and unlimited lives
Gave up on life at age 19
Spend the rest of my days in front of the TV screen