Boss Hogg Outlawz, All Freestyles 3
Boyz N Blue baby, I know y'all waiting on the album
Know I'm saying, we got a lot of thangs going on right now
We gon keep it on the hush for a minute
You know I'm saying but, y'all bout to see what jump off
Got my nigga Sir Daily, Killa Kyleon
C. Ward, Lil' Mel, PJ, Dre Day
We the Boss Hogg Outlawz motherfucker, yeah

[Slim Thug]
Here we go again, spitting them hit flows again
Getting that big do' again, me and my click we sho' to win
We set trends, so when we ride them Davins spin
We having ends, so you see diamonds when we grin
Boyz N Blue, but please believe we all in
And survived everything, from gun shots to the Penn
A few newcomers to you, spitting on these tracks
But PJ and Dre Day, we go way back
Double 0-4 rat pack, tighten up all slack
Plus we all got some'ing in common, we love getting stacks
We love rapping bout gats, love rapping bout crack
Love the fact we the realest niggaz, rapping on tracks
Did undergrounds to the max, it's time to stack us some placks
Who knows, this year we might sign with the pro's
But if so, they gon have to up a whole lot of do'
So make sho' you stay tuned, to the Boyz N Blue show