Out on the road out here state
Into the apple of the hours late
Everyone trying to be the same
You’re reformed and smiles, smiles and smiles
Her body language and some of these too
A generation of intellectual amputees

Assimilation, conformity
As drops in a once half empty cup
Some creatures kiss g-goodbye
Make it rain for a much needed…*

Out of your cage get onto your feet
Knock off the dust in your eyes and repeat
New fascinations sweet and the sounds
Polyformed and smiles, smiles and smiles

You better process some of this too
A generation of one winged working bees
Here is the garden kissing their feet
For the last drops of a twice half empty cup

Some mountains, we climb to the top
Single file to, wide-open spaces*

Can’t see the love for all ears avow
But no one’s hears nobody listening
But if I scream again cry over it
but no one hears, nobody’s listening.
Can’t single out, all ears avow
But no one hears, nobody’s listening
Can’t scream again, can’t cry over it
But no one hears, nobody's listening
But there's nobody’s listening.

(clap, clap, clap)