This Boy

Never ever wanted to fight in your war

Never wanted to fight your wars for you

This boy only believes in love

Never wanted to sign away my life

Never wanted to hand over my rights

This boy only believes in love

This boy bends backwards

While this boy crawls on his tummy

And this boy prays for forgiveness for all of our sins

For the state we're in

Sometimes I feel like I'm sleepwalking

In a big and haunted house

Just stumbling around in the darkness

Can´t seem to get to sleep at night

Because of the lies, the lies, the lies

Is all we've been told

Sometimes it's hard for us to find the truth

In a world we no longer seem to understand

But don't let them break us and don't let them nail us

Into boxes for the old man's plea

This boy is coming home from the war

Coming in from the cold, to settle old scores

End old scorn