I hate when you say
I don´t blow away
I can´t break thru that way
Our friends told us

We wouldn´t last for the week
Cos they think that I´m a freak
They hated my blue streak
I can´t control this

Wy does it feel like its raining in my head
i don´t understand
Why are you alway complaining about
me,you don´t even know who I am

Don´t think I wanna know you
Im tired of running after you
I won´t send you sorry cards cos I don´t
need to
I´m giving up and I´ll never reminisce
I´ve found a way of getting over this
I´ll let go in every way cos I don´t need you

I feel that it´s time for me to draw the line
I know that I´ll be fine
Whithout your bitchin
Cos every day I become a little less numb
like I don´t even know you

Don´t think I wanna know I gotta go
before I go crazy I´ve let go in everyway
Cos anyway I know that you hate me