Hear the screams of a soul possessed by fire
You know it's a virgin girl
Her eyes are read diabolic speech
And her face now is melting down
She hits the cross, spiting blood for all the sides
With rage and the pentagram shines
Why devil choose? This girl so pure
This is the thirst of the evil attack!

Show her the cross or choose prayers
This will not save her from rape
Save her body from the high strike
The hope is over now...

Who gonna stop the fire
Heretic signs
The priest asks the presence
The exorcist

The dark bedroom it's cold and smells like
Rot sulphur from dimensions of hell
The priest bows to God and pray for light
Of heaven from the keeper of cross
The minutes pass away and the heretic signs
Smash the hope of all
Waiting the death, cause persecution is fatal
And will kill some hope in this case