I was locked
And knocked to ground
You said that love can turn things `round
You said to me:
Love`s the perfect key
I tried so hard to get things done
I tried so hard to be the one
As you said to me
That love`s the perfect key

R: I bless the ways that we`re walking
Words that we`re talking
And there`s more than eyes can see
Beyond the walls of the things I`ve done
You`re awaiting me
And love`s the perfect key

I crossed the line
Another time
Existence built on coward lies
But you offered me
A new reality
I cried to you to hear my plea
Our souls in one tonality
You set me free
Love`s the perfect key


I tore down all of these walls
But somehow
I never thought it could be enough
Now I know there is something rising high above

A perfect love...