Hold up!
Carefully holding you tighter
Carefully holding you close

Can you help me open my eyes
To see what is pure
And what is right?
I've been trapped in this
Fantasy all my life

Do I have to search for words,
Can I just smile?
What we have isn't far from good,
Nor good from far
I've made these mistakes all the time
But our time is now

So in love,
I'm falling deeper and deeper,
I'll wait for you
What I have is all I have to give
And I want to give you it all

Emancipation of myself
Is only the beginning,
I'm a compass
Give me direction to go in.

'Til death do us part
Take it from the top
'Til death do us part,

I hear nor see anyone but you
I see no one but you,
You stop my world

'Til death do us part,
You'll by my special lady(2x)