We all have negative views on this world
Let's try to keep a positive view on our scene
Let's not give up on each other
Leaving the scene will accomplish nothing
There are much more cruel people we deal with everyday
In our work, home, and schools that won't go away
So let's take refuge in our scene
And not fight each other but the real enemy

Unite... this is
Unite... our scene

Punk music and the scene are my fucking life
You have no idea how much it means to me
Don't even think about trying to take it away
Or we will make you fucking pay
You have no idea how much work goes into this
So shut your fucking mouth and stop using your fists
To try and prove you are better than the rest
Get our of our scene you fucking cunt, don't put us to the test

To all the two faced hypocrites
Get out of our scene
Or the kids that just talk shit
Get out of our scene
We've got nowhere else to go
Let's strive for unity
We're all rejects of our society
Let's strive for unity