I've been with you,
Before the ages
And I am now,
Invisible, but existing,
Between hundreds of years,
I look at you
Sitting near you,
I'm inside of you,
The songs of bells are feeding me
Where is time, I've been too
The sounds are touching my hot body

Sun will touch my face,
I am here, you don't see me,
Around me only sand.
Only desert's heat is still alive,
Screen of ancient years,

Waterfalls of changing colors
Moving in my tears.
Once I've been like a water,
Alive, full of the day,
Once I've been like a Father,

Waterfalls of day
My burned eyes -
- let me fear!
I am here, you don't,
Try to see me one more time
I am here, you don't

On the road, I'm alone

Sand burns my feet
I will not hear the song,
Dancing in the mist
Like a crazy, crazy pilgrim,
I will take the end.

Shocked and unknown,
Wild and crazy
I feel only sand.

There's no silence,
And no tears -
- just a silent wind.
But I'm part of the time,
Who knows where I live?