Nobody’s around except the basement,
And the trap sets and the feeling that you’re leaving.
That it’s not much worth believing.
Nobody is here, so I guessed it- that you left me.
And to stay here just gets harder, and the pain makes
you try farther.
It's nothing left of what was sacred.
If there was I’m sure we’d break it 'cause that’s just
the way we are man.
And it’s far to late to change it.
And the places, and the vases, and the flowers cut to
fit them.
Hey I’m sorry I didn’t notice, tried to tell you I
wouldn’t notice.
And on and on with the ones left behind.
But where do you feel at home?
Thats for you to decide- and everything you said.
(You’re all the same)
It’s all I ever thought it was.
(You’re all the same)
It’s all this time just all there was.
(You’re all the same)
That’s all there is (there is , there is).
And everything I’ve tried to say.
(you're all the same)
And all you want is to go away.
(You’re all the same)
I’ll wait here but your not here.
Forget, forget, forget..
(You’re all the same)
Nobody is home so I guess I’ll start pretending.
And the air keeps getting colder, and my friends keep
getting older.
And I know you knew the answer- it grew inside you like
a cancer.
Try to stop it, make it leave you, but it won’t and
that’s what scares you.
And I know it's not forever.
Trying so hard to be clever.
I never wanted this to happen.
Why the hell'd this have to happen?
And you left me, like you always said you wouldn’t..
But you did it and I knew it- it has to happen.
Ever since you turned into them-
And on and off with the ones left behind.
And where do you feel at home?
Thats for you to decide and everything you said?
(off to shame)
I never should have bought it...
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