Every other sunday at the skateland south
I always end up with my skate in my mouth
Maybe this is the day i can make some ok sentences
Hell i mights as well undo my laces because there she is
All marshmallow-white and bubblegum-pink
Her dreamsicle roller-skates circle the rink
And this pastel heaven can last until seven or eight
If my mom watches Falcon Crest
Sometimes she picks me up late
Hey D.J. play the one i know you know
As i roll across the carpet smooth and slow
Ease the neon nice and low
The next one ins couple skate only
My friends bet their quarters that i'm gonna cave
But this seventh soda pop's making me brave
Or maybe it's the black lite
But the moment looks right to me
So i roll up like romeo, juliet say can you see
That video game - that's Galaxia 4
One day i'll get the highest score
And i'll type in your name
I wanna share all this fame with you
And we'll celebrate with a couple skate, or two
Hey D.J. play the one i know you know ...
... celebrate good times - c'mon