Wayward and down, Lord, wayward and down
I can't help falling wayward and down
Sweet is the apple, dark is the town
I can't help falling wayward and down
Born under the sign of original sin
Born into this mess of a shape that i'm in
Never had no one to show me around
Just made my own way wayward and down
Heaven's the next town with a girl and a bar
Never followed me any particular star
They say i aimlessly wander, but i've always been bound
The exact same direction - wayward and down
Beneath me the devil on a lily-white mare
Beside me a girl with black bows in her hair
Above angels plead in a sweet clear sound
That disappears on the way wayward and down
I guess i'll be going, the whiskey's all gone
The crows will give Lola my message at dawn
If she gets lost and lonely i'm easily found
Just take the straight and narrow wayward and down