Texty písní Courage My Love

Courage My Love

All I Need

Hold me together when I feel like I might fall apart.

Promise you'll never lose the pieces of my fragile heart,

And if it breaks will you rebuild it better than the start?

Just promise me.

Tell me your secrets, why you're so afraid to be alone.

Show me your weaknesses, I promise I won't let you go.

Don't ever wonder if the words I speak are honest, so just promise me...

...that maybe you're all I need and it's never been clearer.

'cuz baby, you're all I see when I look in the mirror

And I don't want to let this feeling go,

Drowning in the undertow,

Holding on to one belief; that all I need is in front of me

Give me the chance to show you every word I've said is true.

We've both been hurt before, but all roads led me straight to you.

Let's sew our broken hearts together and be good as new

Just promise me.

I can't tell if we're both falling too fast.

I have a tendency to make things not last.

But you don't know that,

You knew it back then when you promised me...

Hold me closer.

Be the one who stayed

When everything I believed shattered around me.

I was lost in a bad dream when you found me,

Reaching out in the dark, feeling the ground beneath my feet.