Vocalicious funk flave 1-2 as we test this down
We get funk-stupid with this beat
Get stupid witht these rhymes I be bussin, yo
Yo 4-5 knahmsayin, yo, check it out
Y'knahmsayin, last night and shit, Friday
I was buggin out with the fellas
I caught up with this bitch n' shit right
I was like yo, check this out, so I started this

I said it's freaky-freaky Friday and I'm chillin on the corner
Hangin with my niggas makin figures that I'm gonna
Have the tunes blastin so fasten ya seat belt
Cuz AHHHH, blunted, I'm gonna make it melt
Had buddah in my head I musta smoked about a dime
When I seen this big behind, shakin like my rhyme, duke
I told my whole crew
I said ya busy hon but yo, yeah me too
I said my name is Mista Mack and I'm makin all the green
So honey you get vain and lets hit the scene
She said Mista Mack aiyyo Shinika's what they call me
Used to be from ?? but now I'm up in ??
I said Shinika, ya make my body weaker
You're boomin like L speaker and boy I'd love to freak ya
So I slipped my 20s to my man and hit the spot
Showed my knot, Shinika got hot
I opened up the door and yo in just a minute later
Had her snappin at my zipper like a hungry alligator
See, a sneaky-freaky MC is who I be
When it's time to step up inside a bitch's body
It's like that y'all as I kick back
On a funk track stupid phat plate y'all

1-2, Mack in the house
Testin one down with the funkalicious flave
Be bussin MCs like
Kickin wicked rhymes like Robitussin good for the throat
Cuz I hope ??? rhymes that I wrote
MCs clear quote
The funkalicious flave that I do with the 1-2