I found her at the dump one day
The landfill a makeshift garbage grave
Trash strewn around the mound where she lay
Someone strangled her and threw her away
Their loss my gain
Squeezing tits until nipples pop
Gulping down the fluid spoiled, rancid, and hot
Chunks of Gyno-yogurt are eaten in clots
Fountains of slop
What you fail to understand
Is what makes me the corpse type man
The answer lies in trembling hands
Her lactating mammary glands
Curdled Breast Milk
Human cheese
Curdled Breast Milk
Freshly squeezed
Watery discharge sails through the air
Annointing me as priest of this dairy affair
Gagging on fatty tissue and areole hair
Good things come in pairs
I drained her empty breast ducts clean
Nutritional value has been redeemed
I'm her son, begun to ween
And she's my wet-nurse my Dairy Queen
Curdled Breast Milk
Female Soy
Curdled Breast Milk
Necro-Dairy-Phagiac Joy