She wakes up at 7 a.m. goes to the best school.
What you want, what you think, never call me a fool
cause this is amazing, this is amazing

parents know, she's got no problems, she's the best of girls
never say who she is, you know nothing about her
and this is amazing, this is amazing

You always must be strong because the future will be
Always will be wrong and parents don't know what you really want
and never say hello, I need your advice, in my perfect world.

People look at her, she is so happy and her parents too
They don't know what she feels, don't know what is true.
And this is amazing, this is amazing.

She doesn't wanna be a politician, she doesn't wanna be a slave.
Mother says, Father says make your own grave
cause this is amazing, this is amazing

She wanna fix her broken heart
And wanna live her life and not be alone
And she won't waste her time and second chance
she never wanna be a slave with an ugly face.