She is a love

And she is an answer

She picks you up and she will put you down

You didn't know that did you mister

She is here and she is all around

Ohh baby, you walk on the ground

And you know she is heave sent

And you know she's what you're after

You walk around with your head in a cloud

But she knows you're upside down

She knows what's with you mister

And you could be so free tonight

Stretch out your wings and start you flight

Fly up and into the night forever

You could be ohh so free tonight

And when the bluebirds start to sing

Songs of love and everything Just stretch out your

wings and fly away

I'm with you, all the way

Now gone is pain

And gone all its glories

Gone is a life, with all its tiny stories

You could be, ohh so free tonight

Just fly away into that night

Bluebird, sing me a song

Bluebird, sing me a song

Bluebird, sing that song for me