She's the sweetest when she's sleeping

I've watched her many times

She'll wake up and she'll catch me

Looking straight into her eyes

But she never seems too worried

She knows it's just my way

So I hold to her and kiss her

And start another day with Mahala

I've watched her grow to love me

Like a poet would watch a deer

Sometimes she can't get enough of me

Sometimes I can't get near

But we wait for one another

Like a farmer waits for spring

Through the long dark nights of winter

I could face most anything with Mahala

And if you have a broken heart she'll gladly take you in

She'll hold your hand and talk to you and love you like a friend

She'll show you things you've never known before

And when you're finished healing

You will want to stay some more

With Mahala

I hope she stays beside me

'Til she can make it on her own

And live a life that's worthy

Of the seeds of love she's sown

But 'til then I'll turn the light on just to see that she's still there

And if I were a praying man, Lord knows I'd say a prayer for