Rhonda's Last Ride

She was found in her bedroom with a note on the wall

Saying take me or leave me, it don't matter now at all

Her passing made the papers though there weren't much to say

Just a girl of the night takes her life at midday

She was fond of the ladies and good to the men

And she could take you 'bout anywhere that you'd never been

Though I never touched her we'd walk every day

Heading west down Sunset talking our lives away

Said she could walk on the waterbed, shoot out the lights

Take you up to the limits, push you over the line

Said if you wanna see God, brother, close your eyes...

This one's for Rhonda's last ride

There's a town in Nevada, just across the state line

Where Rhonda grew up ahead of her time

Why, if I had to say, it's her daddy to blame

Old desert rat Cody set her childhood to flame

And there were GI's and truckers and ghosts of the road

On their way up to Vegas they'd lighten their load

There was many a lover but nary complained

And it was many a man who'd call out her name

I'm not here to tell you she died out of shame

In her last chosen moment, her lips cursed no name

Not Cody nor Jesus, not a cry out for love

She told me to tell you that leaving's enough