She Sews The World With Love

My love she takes a needle and a thread

With abox of cloth she keeps under the bed

And she makes a form where there was none

A house, a square, a star, a moon, a sun

She sews the world with love

We sleep beneath a comforter she made

From some old faded jeans of mine she saved

And it warms us on a winter night

And cheers us in the summer light because

She sews the world with love

And if she ever leaves me it'll be her final rest

I'll spend my days knowing that I have loved the best

And if I go before her and leave this world below

I leave my music for posterity

But my love will get my clothes

We made a child in the first part of the year

And on a singer's pay we've had our share of fear

But we'll wrap the the babe in swaddling clothes

With quilts and shirts and pants and hats she sews

She sews the world with love