Comin' straight from the sewer, I biggity-be's the rough slang slinger
Singer, dame look at me swing it like a swinger
I riggity-rock the miggity-microphone, I'm goin to rock it
Don't jock it, I'm quiggity-quick-quick, thiggity-thick, yo drop it
I'm flippin' the flap so check out the rap, skills, ill ain't it?
I friggity-fry the funk so give me your tracks so I can train it
Or drain it like Draino, this mako, 'cause I'm a
Rhymer, I stiggity-stun the cunts like angina
Singin' the soft drink, ya did finger or leg lock
Huh-tutz, spit, can I rock?
The finger-lickin', criggity-crispy chicken
Spiggity-spark the biggity-blunt style is what I'm kickin'
So next up, I kiggity-call my nigga wit the slang
The iggity-ill paprika, yo speaker

Hot diggity-damn, yiggity-yes I'm griggity-grand slammin' like a homer
Simpson, look at the microphoner
On a mission, mission completed, dude, I'm kickin' flavor
With my nigga, oh shit! My nigga from Jamaica
Crack a forty, I smiggity-smoke 'nuff blunts that orgy
Bringin' funk from Crown Heights straight to Californ
I-A, B, see me on the free
Style, chill more props than Benny Hill
Well I'll be god damned, they bringin' me in the master mix
The nappy head, go betcha dog, question mark, asterisk
I flip up, bang, knock a baby out your
The figgity-funk, triple packs an Uzi in my zip-up
Remember the time I ripped it, smacked it, flipped it
You're figurin' I was a tip, tip so I kicked it

[Chorus: x3]
Straight from the sewer, straight from the sewer
North-nothin' can save ya

Comin' straight from the sewer, the young, flippin'-the-tongue super starer
I freakin' the flow like there ain't no tomorrow
I'm horrifyin', kid, I be wreckin'
Shiggity-shop, when I rock there's no half-steppin'
So give me the mic check, get respect, dude I'm narley
I betcha if I was Ken then I'd be fuckin' Barbie
So shiggity bop boo, ayo Duke can I give a
Shiggity-shout to my nigga O and the jibber
Jabber, you're riggity-raw when I'm kickin'
I'm flippin the tongue so figgity-fee-fi-fo-fum, no slippin'
I'm wicked, wild, bringin the style when I blabber
I swing it for Das E-F-X, when I flex I won't stagger
Or stutter, I wriggity-wreck it quick with my crew
So light, camera, action

Tiggity-take two, roll on, chiggity-check the flow
I'm swingin' it like my nuts be swingin' from my scrotum
Oh shooter, I'm bringin' the power move left, G
From the sewer, test the microphone, one two uh
The nigga, the jibbity-jibber jabber jaw, blippity-blapper rapper
Tiggity-tap a livin' in the lapper
The ghetto, leakin' the nigga' petrol as I let go
My verbs with the lecko from Bismore to Plepto
The boogity woogity Books can make ya clock turn
I riggity-rocks the spot just like my cock butts burn
I friggity-freaks the ill rap, I'm still strapped, don't test me
I pops shit, pop tarts and piggity-pop cherries
Correct, G, my style is fat so I swung it
Want it? The riggity-roughneck Brooklyn nigga brung it

[Chorus: x2]