Tired eyes need no words
But somebody has get in the corner
Tired eyes and tired nerves
Tenders that are given the shorter
But still we struggle on and on
'Cause we know there's no disguise
To beat those tired eyes

Shattered dreams can reflect
One or two are flashs in perfections
But it seems that I erect
To try and follow my own direction
And in the end I am sure my friend
That our dreams will all come true
For me, for me and you

Tired eyes, nothing new
Rest awhile tonight
And tomorrow when I look at you
Will sparkle with new light

If I tried to sustain the energy
We both need so badly
If I tried to explain that if you wanted
I could stop all this gladly
Would listen awhile
With a trace of your smile
'Cause you know that it wouldn't be true
That's why I love you
That's why I love you