I'm fucking tired of all the perks
I've tried nothing, everything works
For less I'm worth, I've served my bid
All fuck life wasn't what it is
All fuck life was just a bridge
I seen some free landed some tricks
Far I see high time man quit
Won't let you know when I get goin
Phone ring too long

Phone ring too long, I'm probably gone
Ring tone jingle my swan song
I'll show you how to leave well enough alone
I'm not this world this on cue world
I fall back, concoct new worlds
I fall out in throbbing swirls
I fall until I stop this world
I fall the fuck off this world

I live down the street from you've noticed me, I've never seen you
Wonder what the fuck I do
Listen up, you nosy bitch, listen close
My most recent purchase, old black rope
Gonna learn how to tie it, hang it in my chamber
Perfect reminder, occult I'm made of
Come try it out whenever you wanna
Last night, 3:30 in the morning, Death on my front porch
Can feel him itching to take me with him, hail death, fuck you waiting for
Like a question no one mention, he turns around, hands me his weapon
He slurs, "Use at your discretion, it's been a pleasure, Stefan"

Head on like dead, on like grey
Death in your way, not in my way, I got my way
I was in my way, crept out my way, kept out my way
I'm on one like bae, you're on your way, way, way, way

Don't you worry, impossible for anything to be a big deal
I'm in no weary, my vital post dated but clearly been ages since life had appeal
Far more than fascination my second nature chant kill cause I can
This body by my own hands
My friends and family won't understand
So I stay in the end, don't make none to me
If wasn't for them, I'd make that decision on GP
Had to do it all again, I'd make that decision on GP

All the nights I don't die for you
Wouldn't believe how many nights I ain't died for you on GP
Not that I care, I'd be a liar if I sat here claiming I'd exit in a minute
But I can't say I wouldn't I have my limits