Well, he don't care what people say
Hardcore metal's here to stay
And he don't know from right or wrong
He's hard and hungry, lean and strong
All right, let's go, yeah right
You know that he's home out on the road

Born to lose, not to die
Ask no questions, tell no lies
Sworn to fun, heeds the call
Lives to rock, it's him against them all

He's hardcore (hardcore)
Harcore (hardcore)
Nothin' less, nothin' more
He's hardcore (hardcore)
Hardcore (hardcore)

To the death, that's for sure

The power chord is all he needs
Kill or be killed his only creed
While death is certain, life is not
So he strikes while the iron's hot
C'mon, let's go, yeah right
He lives a hard life, it's all he knows

Rides to live, lives to ride
The iron horse by his side
Axe in hand blasts away
Then moves on to rock another day