Texty písní Depressive Age

Depressive Age

Hateful Pride

I am a murderer

No remorse in sin

Kill you fast and sure

My trouble within

Drugdealer you're my enemy

Explanations for what I do?

The roots of your character for the ones you took

Now it's time to break the rules

To sell them short good times

More to bring them the grief

You came on all strong to breed your big crime greed

Deep and deeper in me it burns and I cannot deny my eyes

Human pride is on my side

And I shoot with my hateful pride

She was the sunrise, but she is faint

She's disguised as a new shape

For a new life with a new name

Why is she fading her own way to destroy herself on his side?

Oh why?

No, I fight no inner fight to keep in the fright

That killed her guide