My body's burning inside, I can't take this pain (anymore)
Look at me God!
Can't you see me? My flesh starts to rot,
And my bones are deformed too
I am only infected, this is sordid.
And my eyes can't see the truth!
It's a morbid way to die, I don't deserve,
What can I do?!

My suffer possesses me,
Without mercy
My soul blessed be,
Can it escape from this misery?

This unholy sacrifice is very hard,
Help me God, please!...
I can't believe in truth, I really belong
To the angel of disease
I long for my time to come
To be blest by death
God, can I make a question? Why was I born?
Maybe just to die

"There's nothing left in this life for you
Apart from death... don't be afraid of it...
Death is just a moment, during your soul
Leaves your own body to the eternal life Life..."

You are my master,
I am your son
You'll take my soul,
(And) we'll be as one
I don't want to escape,
From the power that you create
So take me away,
To the Devil's reign

I can feel death, closer than before
I am going to die!
Tears for what?! Life goes on
Even after death!
From the dark I see my Lord,
He is calling me
To go next to him, it's time to close my eyes...
So, please, bury me