Texty písní Devilish Impressions

Devilish Impressions

Crowned To Be Crucified

The Sapiential books will run with blood of prophets

And only their thoughts will remain

Like a smell of murdered lovers

All the rest will fall into oblivion

As a merciless time for all fucking temples

Which has passed with fall of Babylon

Every king in history was a reflection

Of his own clown

And man behind the mask covering wisdom of ages

Philosopher pretending a fool

Fool pretending a philosopher

Why didn’t we let them rule?

Watching their eyes bleeding

You have been trapped

In Your thoughts’ emptiness

Rise up imagination’s curtain

Let them breathe their sweet loneliness

You are the purest one

You are the chosen one

And You are the only one to be crowned!

So, show us Your mind, uncover the mystery

The New Order secrets You have furtively done…

May the wisdom be spoken

We need a messiah!

We want You to see Your own crucifixion!!!