Reborn In Pain

Black Lord poured hell fire in my veins to digest the rest of my soul

Indescribable pain and hatred in my eyes

Strike weak human beings

Very small onesbeside the power given to me

How very dirty their forms

Folls born from a dirty womb of mother

Who was a lover of the death corpse

I touch borders of madness and pain

The insanity and destruction obsessed me in lifetime

The kingdom of the deads call me

I burst the fellers of my life

I want to run away from the vale of fears

That empty and dead world

Hope - fools mother

Feeds her children on her venom

Holy war lasts. Blessed suicides

My enemy cries desperately

I'll do him the last service

I'll feed the vultures on his carcass

Fire cleans me, takes my life away

But gives me immortality

I don't leave my crusade. Not yet

Murder - in immemorial disgrace will last for ever