Searching for the Beauty

Ugliness consists of the scraps of beauty

Evil from the pieces of good

Life's just only thousands of deaths

Happiness doesn't consist of anything

Through veins of the world hate does flow

The maggots prey inside

I take them in my hand one by one

In search for beauty

Six cases I have with God

Six ordeals to go through

Six eyes to see the beauty

I walk down the fallen cultures

Grinning with my open wounds

Hanged on trees bodies I pull

On putrid lips the kiss I leave

I thrusts myriads of birds away

On highways empty and dead

They fell first as it has been written

I look for beauty in them

Six cases I have with Devil

Six times I withstood the test

Six stakes I lit up

No more aves in the azure sky

No more fish in waving waters

No creatures left to furrow the ground

No predators in steepes

No more apes in tree-tops

And there's no proud crown of creation

Only me, dead man walking

Stamping the seventh seal

Is what left to do