(I will bring up the dead to eat the living
If thou openest not the gates to the dark
The dead will outnumber the living
Seven doors to the underworld)

I come from an old lineage
They were a powerful race
They lived in hidden mountains
In deserts, flatness and seas

(She finally entered the last door of the darkness
And she could not return
Until she was sprinkled with the water of the life
Then she passed back through the seven gates...)

My forbears were removed
But you see I am still here
Prepared to call the spirits
Prepared for the ancient rite

(They destroys all our dreams
In the name of a strange force
The fire they used against us will return
But this time... against them)

(They destroyed all our live
We can not forget
Although we are just the past
We've return with her)

Come with me dark creatures of the night
Come with me tonight
I can do all that we need to
I'm the strongest witch

I am the last soul of my folk
The last chance to revenge for the pain
I will defy the death

I am the avenging angel
They call me "Queen of the night"
I am the eternal nightmare
For all those who know my name

The queen of war and the queen of love
This is me
The new legend is here.